Cited Works of St Thomas

The Works of St Thomas are written in Latin. In some cases I have used my own translations, in other cases I have used translations made by other authors. These works, and their translations (if such exist) are available in the department of Philosophy of every major university. With the full titles I also give the standard abbreviations that are often used in the literature.

(1) De Ente et Essentia (Latin text)
Leonina Edition
Aquinas On Being and Essence
English translation of (1) and Commentary by Bobik, J., University of Notre Dame Press, 1970
(2) Summa Theologica (Latin text)
Marietti Edition. (S.T.)
Summa Theologiae (Latin text + English translation of (2))
Blackfriars Edition
(3) Summa Contra Gentiles (Latin text)
Marietti Edition. (S.G)
(4) In Duodecim Libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis Expositio (commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics, Latin text)
Marietti Edition. (In Met.)
Commentary on the Metaphysics of Aristotle (English translation of (4))
Translated by Rowan, J., Henry Regnery Company, 1961
(5) In Aristotelis Libros Posteriorum Analyticorum Expositio (Latin text)
Marietti Edition. (In Post. An.)