Why are we doing all this?
Why bothering ourselves and others with "interminated dimensions", "designated matter", "substantial forms", "accidents" and the like ?
What usefulness has it?
Can we do something with it?
Will we get rich and famous, by publishing this stuff?
It will be clear to every casual reader that thinking and writing about such matters doesn't serve any purpose in the usual sense. It will not improve our career, our health or our standing.
So why then all the trouble?

Many or most readers of the Web, apparently could afford the purchase of a computer. From this fact we can -- of course with some caution -- deduce that they, like me, are in the fortunate position of not having to spend 100 percent of their time to secure the basic needs for living, such as finding food or shelter. Animals in the wild are normally not in such a happy position, they need almost all their time to secure their lifes.
But man evolved efficient ways of life. He invented agriculture, medicine and technology. And as long as people manage to stay away from war they will have (i.e. enjoy) leisure, i.e. they have left-over time, not needed for "looking for food". So finally they can enjoy the intrinsic beauty of the world around them. Man has become free (unfortunately at present only a small part of the world's population). He can ponder about "the cause of all things", about the existence or non-existence of gods and spirits. About the question why we are here anyway, about self-feeling, about the identity of things, their individuality, the causes of individuality. He can inquire about the exact meaning of words and concepts used in everyday life, like "reality", "being", "cause", "change", "quantity", "knowledge", "truth", etc.
It is fortunate to be in a position to ponder about those matters. And although they are of no direct value for our daily life or career, they will feed back, be it implicitly and indirectly. Via a long chain of influencing events they will promote even our daily life.