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This whole Website consists of five Main Parts :

Holistic Series :
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Philosophy of Being
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Retrospect and continuation of the Philosophy Site of Jaap Bax

Model of enfolding and unfolding
The Ink-in-Glycerine Model

Crystals and the Implicate Order
Part I : Introduction
The Group P4
General Theory of

Part II :
The Groups
P2  P1  Pm  Cm

Part III :
The Groups
Pg  P2mm 

Part IV :
The Group  P2gg 

Part V :
The Group  P2mg 

Part VI :
The Group

Part VII :
The Group

Part VIII :
The Group

Part IX :
The Group
P4gm  (sequel)

Part X :
The Group
(sequel and conclusion)

Part XI :
The Group  P3 

Part XII :
The Group  P3m1 

Part XIII :
The Group  P3m1 
Sequel and conclusion

Part XIV :
The Group  P31m 

Part XV :
The Group  P31m 
Sequel and conclusion

Part XVI :
The Group  P6

Part XVII :
The Group  P6mm

Part XVIII :
The Group  P6mm  (Sequel and conclusion)

Part XIX :
Summary of the 17 Plane Groups

Further development of the Theory of the Implicate Order
Hidden variables and the sub-quantum level