Note 3.

Of course there is some circularity involved in this argumentation : There are many dynamical systems - each governed by one dynamical law - that each produce a multitude of things instead of only one thing, i.e. their product is (then) a scattered entity and as such not a genuine Totality. If those entities (making up that scattered entity) are each for themselves higher scale-level entities, i.e. entities involving a higher scale level than the elements of the dynamical system do, then we can concentrate on one such product (and ignoring the rest of that multitude of products) and investigate it as a Totality generated by that dynamical system.
But if the (many) products of the dynamical system (still governed by one dynamical law) are of the same scale order as the elements of the system, or even of a lower scale order, then it is not directly clear that Totalities are being generated by the system in such a way that we can interpret the dynamical law (of that system) as their Essence. The upshot of all this is, that not all dynamical systems generate Totalities. And if they do, then we have already interpreted such a Totality as a unity.

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