Note 1

The organism is a certain configuration or pattern of these atoms (representatives of these atomic species ), and these are the highest entities that do NOT change (i.e. change from one atomic species to another) during the actual process of the formation of the organism, and can therefore be considered as the building-blocks of organisms. The formation of these atomic building-blocks themselves, i.e. the formation of the several atomic species, does not need to be included in the history of the formation of the organism, because these atomic species, i.e. those species that are going to make up the organism, once formed, do not change specific identity anymore (their individuals of course can and will be replaced by other individuals of the same species) : During the formation of the organism they remain specifically the same. They do neither desintegrate into their parts, resulting in other atomic species (for instance by nuclear fission), nor combine with other atoms to new atomic species (for instance by nuclear fusion).

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